Who is Zelda?

May 1, 2015

Zelda is a gal who loves books.

Zelda loves to choose books by their covers. She loves to turn the pages. She loves to tell the story of a book’s illustrations. She loves to tell you about the letters she sees and the sounds she knows they make. Some day she will read books, too.

Her bookshelves are overflowing. They runneth over. Zelda wants to tell you about every great book she finds. Books are for sharing.

When you see a book you like, and you click on the title’s link, you will find yourself on an Amazon page. Zelda gets a few cents every time you buy a book this way. She puts the coins in her dragon-bank. When the dragon is full, she uses the money to buy more books for herself and those she loves. When it’s time to clear out her bookshelves for big kid books, she will donate her books to a local school. (Her mommy is a teacher and has many teacher friends who need good books in their classrooms.) Zelda is thankful for your clicking.

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