Trucks Are For Girls, Too

May 1, 2015

Boys like trucks. Girls like trucks. Cowboys, farmers, marine biologists, librarians, chefs, and pretty much all the people who have stuff to haul like trucks. Zelda loves trucks. (She loves airplanes more, so stay tuned for a post about flying.) She says trucks are “so big!” She would like to drive a truck, but Mean Mommy says she can’t do that for at least another 14 years. Until then, Zelda will have to stick to books about trucks. So far, these are her favorites.

First 101 Trucks by Roger Priddy

There aren’t actually 101 trucks in the book. I counted. There are definitely 101 vehicles, though. There are cars, planes, trains, construction equipment, and – yes – lots and lots of trucks.

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

A good friend recently told me about this little truck’s adventures.  I was skeptical at first, thinking it was a lame imitation of The Little Engine That Could, but by the end of my first read-through, I couldn’t stop smiling.  There’s something about happy-go-lucky animals helping a friend out of a sticky situation that makes me happy.  And the truck “beeps!”

(Update: There’s a sequel! The Little Blue Truck goes into the city and teaches all the taxis, delivery trucks, and limos to share the road. There’s even more beeping!)

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