Touchable Books Part 1

May 1, 2015

For the discerning infant, a good book not only has to look interesting, it has to feel great, too. (Zelda says they have to taste good if a baby is to learn to devour literature, but I think she’d just being cheeky, as usual.) Little hands love to grab, poke, and rub, so give them books that offer a full sensory experience. This list includes our favorites (thus far) and will be updated whenever we can get our hands on another set of good books. Although they’re probably best for children ages 6-12 months, these books are fun to touch – especially the cloth ones – so babies as young as 3 months who are learning to grasp will most likely enjoy them.

Pat the Bunny Deluxe Edition (Pat the Bunny) (Touch-and-Feel) by Dorothy Kunhardt

Classics are classics because every generation remembers how much a book was loved and wants to share that magic with their children. Pat might seem a little outdated to some, but Zelda and I love the soft bunny and the coarseness of “Daddy’s beard.”

Moo by Matthew Van Fleet

Welcome to the barnyard! Feel the animals as your baby enjoys the vivid photographs of the many friendly animals, all of which are labeled with their proper names (a female sheep is a ewe, for those of you who didn’t know). Van Fleet has a whole series of fun, colorful, and baby-friendly books that are a huge hit among Zelda and her friends. Our favorites include Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings and Tails. For a complete review of this modern classic, check out my book blog on BabyCentralUSA.

My First Taggies Book: Who Do You See? by Will Grace

This was Zelda’s first cloth book. Her grandmother gave it to her when she was only three months old. It was an immediate hit as measured by the speed with which Zelda grabbed the pages, squished them in her tiny hands, and shoved them into her mouth. The mirror on the front cover is an excellent detail, as are the ribbons incorporated into the illustrations.

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