Flaps Are Fun

May 2, 2015

Flaps make our board books interactive. Zelda enters the story and contributes to the plot when she peeks behind flaps to reveal hidden illustrations. We can’t get enough of these flap books, even though we definitely know what’s under all the flaps.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

This classic by Rod Campbell is a must-have for every child’s library. The narrator asks the zoo for a pet but is not quite satisfied with each animal that is sent. The elephant is too big (of course); the giraffe is too tall (what did they expect?). The illustrations and accompanying flaps give little readers the chance to guess which animal has just arrived. We in the teaching biz call this “making inferences.”

Where’s Maisy? by Lucy Cousins

Zelda received this book prior to an airplane ride, and we probably read it a dozen times per flight. It’s not a long book, so you can imagine how difficult it was for Zelda’s parents to read it each time with the appropriately surprised-sounding voice inflection when we did, indeed find Maisy once again. (Zelda’s Mommy doesn’t reread suspense novels because the fun is gone when she already knows how it ends, so “looking for Maisy” again and again was trying but far better than having an antsy toddler running up and down the plane’s center aisle.)

Lift the Flap First 100 Words by Roger Priddy

Zelda can name all the items in the book now, and the first time she did so, I had one of those “holy cow, my kid is growing up” moments as I realized that she knew at least 100 words.

Where’s Elmo’s Blanket? by Nancy Stevenson

Like so many kids, Elmo has a favorite blanket. And like to many kids, Elmo keeps losing that darn blanket. Most of your favorite Sesame Street characters appear in this flap book, which has a decent number of flaps on each page. We are particularly fond of this flap book because it uses the flaps to tell more of the story than what is explained in the text. We like the funny little details behind the flaps, and we always open all the flaps, even though we know where the blanket is on each page.

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